The SymThinkTank is a venture that seeks to provide a place for developing and debating new ideas to contribute to a better global society by developing new understandings and pragmatic proposals on how to progress towards that goal. Its output will be the publication of so-called SymEssays and the organisation of related thematic working groups, which will serve as think-tanks providing inspiration and guidance to other ventures, to institutions and to policy and decision makers.

Each of the SymThinkTank thematic working groups will be symVenture in its own right – the role of the SymThinkTank is to support the thematic working groups with a common online collaboration platform, a methodology as well as publication support to stimulate the emergence of new SymEssay topics and working groups.

The activities of the SymThinkTank thematic working groups will centre on intellectual innovation, collaboration, education and solidarity. Its key principle will be mutually respectful dialogue between intrinsically motivated people from different backgrounds. They will feature brainstorming in small groups (including groups of one), writing and debating in groups of different constellations and sizes.

A SymVenture of the SymCubator

The SymThinkTank is a “SymVenture” of the SymCubator an open non-profit incubator that wants to help Society / humanity move forward by assisting intrinsically motivated members to incubate undertakings combining innovation, collaboration, education and solidarity, in so-called SymVentures.